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What should I do with my small desert yard?

Kaitlin Bode
2 years ago

When I moved in, my back yard was filled with landscaping gravel rocks. That's super popular in my city (Las Vegas) but I removed them because they're rough on dogs paws and my pup loves getting zoomies in the yard. Following that, my ground was a mix of hard clay, some sandy dirt, and still some rocks. I covered it in dirt which was, in hindsight, a terrible idea. Now I want to make my yard nicer but I don't know what to do.

Fake grass is out. Too expensive and it gets so hot in summer that it would be dangerous for my dogs paws. I have no shade.

I've tried planting grass but I can't keep it alive. I might have better luck if someone installs it, but it's a lot of maintenance still and I'll still get dead spots without a doubt during our 110 degree summers.

What I'm considering: Doing a light and very fine decomposed granite in my yard. I'd also like to plant some citrus, pomegranate, or fig trees since those do really well in Vegas.

What do you guys think? The space in general is small, probably around 700 sq ft and half of it is pavers which I don't want to remove. Also looking for advice on decor.

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