Kitchen/Scullery Sink dilema - How far would you walk to the sink?

last year

I am looking at renovating an old apartment from the 1970s that has a very cornered in closed off kitchen in the back corner of the apartment. (I live in South America and this layout is very common here, so all of the apartments we have been looking at are like this). However, I dream of an open kitchen!

We have the option of moving the kitchen to what is currently the formal dining room, however the sink poses a few problems due the inability to move the garbage disposal part necessary for a kitchen sink for the building codes here. Our contractor came up with the idea to leave the sink where it is and convert part of the current kitchen to a scullery where we'd wash dishes but have the cooking part of the kitchen open to the living space in the old dining room. However, it is likely we might not be able to have even a small sink for washing hands in the new kitchen area. Here are some sketches to show what I am talking about.


None of this is to scale, just to get an idea of what I'm talking about. The new open kitchen would be where the "old dining" is labeled and the sink would definitely be where the scullery is.

We hope to be able to add a sink where it says "sink?" but it's not likely and if we do, it might not be 100% kosher and could cause issues when we want to sell.

Rough sketch of what the new open kitchen would look like from living room (located in what used to be a formal dining room):

I'm curious what others' opinions are on whether they would go through with not having a sink nearby in order to have their dream open kitchen as I'm weighing the pros/cons. Keeping the kitchen where it is would mean having a significantly smaller, tight galley kitchen that is closed off in a far corner of the home.

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