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Need Landscaping suggestions for curb appeal to sell!

2 years ago

Please tell me your suggestion for landscaping this front yard as inexpensively as possible as this is to being done to sell the house and budget is small. I know the trees (and they are healthy) need to be trimmed and they will be before the roof is put on. Lots of work ahead. I will not be adding on to the porch so please stay with plantings I can add or remove and not hardscaping ideas. I don't have the budget for that. I do not have a green thumb!

Should I pull the sage out of the middle of the yard?

Trim yews or put something in their place.

Also, there is a concrete walkway from the side entry garage/driveway that runs in front of the yews to the front door. Thank you!

4057 Shorewood Dr. · More Info

4057 Shorewood Dr. · More Info

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