Josephine Cox--Is she worth reading?


Today there was an obituary for writer Josephine Cox. I had never heard of her but the obit made her life sound interesting. She didn't write great literature, I gather, but thought I might try one of her books. Has anyone ever read any of her books and would you recommend one--or not?

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The name was familiar so I had a look at her book list and cannot recall reading any. I then went to our Retirement Village library and saw there were a number of her titles available.

Reading the back cover summaries makes me think they are what I would find in the "Relationship Genre" section in a Public Library so not my cup of tea!

The kind of stories that are on TV programs in the afternoon.

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I've never read anything by Josephine Cox as the 'Northern (English) poverty, rape, incest . . . love' are not really my thing, but she was an extremely popular writer over here. My DD when working in a large London PR firm was asked to 'represent' her but I think the costs involved were too high . . . and I'm sure she didn't need the extra publicity. I remember DD phoned and asked me what I had read of JC's as no-one in the office was familiar with her work.

Ginny, I would suggest you just borrow a book to see if the style/content is something you might enjoy.

Obit Josephine Cox

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Thanks for those replies. These books don't sound like something I'd want to read. A big help--thanks again.

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