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Our living room furniture is 15 years old, ugly, and overdue for replacement. Now that our kids are a little older, I'm ready to buy pieces better suited to the space and still comfy, but more tailored in appearance. However, our open layout living room is asymmetrical, has little wall space, and is a challenge! I would appreciate guidance on possible furniture types/layout before we make this purchase. I'm sorry this is so long. There are a lot of details below, along with photos.

Room Dimensions

  • Approx. 16' w from recessed window wall to foyer entry/wall with sofa;
  • Approx. 14' 3" w from TV corner wall to the wall with sofa
  • The sofa wall is approx. 8' 3" from the corner to the edge of the foyer entryway;
  • The wall with the windows is approx. 14'6" from the TV corner to the far left of the window wall (where the vertical moulding comes down).
  • Ridiculous sized fireplace dimensions: 6' 4" w x 5' 2" h (top of mantle).
  • Current sofa size: If you count the overstuffed cushions, it maxes out at 85" w. The footprint is about 75" w.
  • Room height: 9' ceilings


  • Per the photos, there is a wide entryway from our foyer. That wall (which also has the sofa), and the opposing window wall are different lengths.
  • The fireplace surround takes up a ridiculous amount of wall space. The mantle is so high that we cannot place the TV above it so the TV is in a corner to the left of it. For practical purposes, it must remain.
  • The fireplace is in the center of the 14' 3" w end wall, but with the TV adjacent to it, that throws off the focal points.
  • Because of the above, I feel limited to some sort of L-shaped furniture arrangement.
  • I'd like to use a large complimentary ottoman with a tray for coffee table purposes. It would be great if it could be centered with the fireplace.


  • Should I keep the current layout, but with more tailored pieces (think tight back, smaller scale sofa - prob. 80-82" give or take, a stationary reclining chair in the corner, and a chair centered in front of the fireplace)?
  • Could I get away with a longer but sleeker sofa in front of the fireplace/TV (possibly with a chaise on the window side) and a pair of small chairs against the current sofa wall? My concern with that arrangement is the sofa would be off center to the left of the fireplace because of needing to maintain a walkway behind it from the foyer entry.

Please help. Thank you!

Foyer entry to living room:

Rear of living room from the window wall:

View of dining/kitchen behind the living room. Note that furniture could be moved back some, but not too much, or it compromises the walkway from the foyer and loses its connection to furniture on the entry wall.

Rear, center of living room

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