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Am I crazy to consider full Hestan suite of appliances?

2 years ago

Until a week ago, I was not familiar with Hestan. My contractor mentioned he was installing a range soon for one of his jobs and said it looked stunning. I did my research and really like their mission. Dishwashers are made by AGA and refrigeration by Fhiaba is what I found. Heard good things about both from limited research again. So I am thinking 36" gas range, 30" wall oven, 30" drawer microwave, dishwaser, 24" refrigerator column and 18" freezer column all by Hestan (dishwasher and microwave free per their 2020 promo). I would be putting a lot of eggs in that basket but the warranty looks solid. The question is, am I nuts? Anybody have experience with the brand? Thanks!

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