Decreasing Bedroom Size To Add Closets vs Home Value

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Hi everyone. I live in a 19th century Italinate Wood Frame home (think Brownstone style) with modest bedroom sizes. The third bedroom is a tiny 8'9x8'4 room without a closet which gets to "qualify" as a bedroom because of the time it was built. Attached is the current floor plan of the bedroom floor alongside a possible layout change.

In your opinion, would this change be worth it with respect to home value? A contractor that I am working with suggests turning the existing closets into one large master closet for the master bedroom, and then taking off close to two feet of space off of the second bedroom to make closets for the tiny room and second bedrooms. The current closets are currently only 15" deep! However, modifications could bring them out to at least 17 or 18 inches. I'd probably then add custom woodcrest systems to increase functionality and usability.

The tiny room, though it qualifies as a bedroom, would then be a true bedroom in the modern sense even thought it will still be tiny (still big enough to fit a full sized bed with walking space and space for a dresser and TV stand however).

What are your thought and thanks in advance for answering! Would making that second bedroom smaller be a major negative?

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