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Fireplace suggestions/recommendations

3 years ago

Hi All, I am planning to update an old fireplace to something modern looking yet functional. The functional part is actually that I want to have storage space in the mantel and ideally more storage spaces around the fireplace. I want to buy something ready to be assembled as I don't have time to customize so need something very Very VERY quick.

Old fireplace. It uses gas and the wood piece inside the fireplace is a stone so it's a fake wood piece. I don't plan to use the fireplace as I have central heating. I plan to knock out all those old bricks and horizontal wood pieces and just fill with drywall on top, nothing fancy.

This is a mantel and it doubles as a storage. They custom built it themselves. I don't have time for custom building anything.

Below is what I have in mind, not the specific style/design of the fireplace but just to illustrate the "storage function/feature" that I like. All the spots identified in red in the picture below, ideally I would like them to be storage capable.

Thoughts or ideas ? I am thinking of two vertical/thin cabinets and two horizontal/thin cabinets. Thanks.

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