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Has anyone ever left a gap between kitchen cabinets to use for storage

3 years ago

I am super short and use a step stool CONSTANTLY in my kitchen. As I remodel my kitchen, I'm determined to create a space to store my step stool so that it isn't always sitting out and in my way, which is the way it is now. Doing a toe kick pull out drawer won't work.

I have ~4" of extra space on the range side of my kitchen. The kitchen planner suggested leaving a gap between the refrigerator and adjacent cabinet, and using that space to store my step stool. We're calling it a cubby. The refrigerator panel will be on the right side of the cubby. If the side of the cabinet next to the fridge is finished, then both sides of the cubby will be finished, and you just have to lay a 3” filler flat at 4 ½” for the floor of the cubby.

I love this idea in theory because it makes use of this extra space! But my husband and I are worried that this cubby may just end up looking like a gap, and kind of trashy. Any thoughts? Has anyone done this before? Or does anyone have any pictures of kitchens where this has been done before? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :-)

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