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All Day Sunshine versus Semi Day Sunshine

3 years ago

I'm stumped with this morning sunlight issue. The photo below is taken of my corn plot.

It is a sheet mulch atop unprepared soil.

This is flint corn, tough stuff.

This case is not an isolated incident.

The corn on the left of the photo is shorter. It's all short, but because I planted densely (on purpose) and because the soil wasn't prepared.

But the corn on the left is much shorter. I have no reason to believe the soil is much different on the left side of the screen versus that on the right side of the screen but it could be.

What is striking is the shade line of the tree just out of sight of the picture on the right of the photo. You'll notice the shorter corn is not being sheltered from the morning sun and they are stunted. The corn that regularly is sheltered by the morning sun is doing well. All of this corn receives full on sun from about 9-10am until about 4-5pm.

This confuses me because I thought corn loves sun. Again, this is not an isolated incident. I have some growies elsewhere (amaranth and also cucumber vines) that are not thriving well because they are not sheltered from direct morning sun.

The common demonimator besides the direct morning sun is that they have issues with the soil. They need more organic material. That will come in time.

It will be interesting when the soil is fully mature and rich and to see if those plants can then handle the full day exposure. Cucumbers, I understand. But grain amaranth and corn being stunted by the sun?

It's the soil, right? I'm assuming that since they are struggling to put on roots that they don't have enough energy to survive the brutal all day sun?

As I write this I am reminded that the soil in my main garden (elsewhere) is very good soil and this is the really the first experience working with soil that just isn't quite ready for planting. It's a good attribute to sheet mulching though. Most of it is growing.

I think it was about 6:30 am when I took this photo.

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