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Gardening and the kindness of strangers

Tina Ellen
2 years ago

Today I was bored. Isolated. A little grumpy. Looking at other people's gardens always cheers me up so I hopped on my scooter and went out for a ride. I spotted a ground orchid I've been watching for some time. This time, instead of zipping past, I pulled up my scooter and knocked on the door. The lady was happy to share some starts with me! Yay! Happier already! Moving on, I passed a plumeria I've also been watching for a while. Walkers passing my own garden had helped themselves to cuttings of the Jeannie Moragne plumeria that Tom gave me, until finally it succumbed to the repeated theft and died. I needed a replacement, but I didn't want to take a cutting without asking. I knocked on the door. The lady gave me cuttings of that plumeria, a second dark pink plumeria, and some cockscomb plants! Mood? Completely renewed. Thanks to the kindness of strangers! Gardeners are the best.

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