Speed Queen AWN432SP113TW04 rinse-water exiting like fire hose!

We've had our Speed Queen AWN432SP113TW04 for 2.5 years (top loader with regular dials), bought in Nov 2017, and all that time we've been finding small puddles on the floor under the trash can between washer & dryer. We couldn't see any water under the washer so didn't give it a whole lot of worry. Recently we started searching out the problem and after A L-O-T of investigation, we found out that the wash-water pumping out comes out at a regular rate, but the rinse water like a fire-hydrant-hose making it impossible for our pipes to handle the volume per second. We have 2" pipes all thru and a plumber was at my house over 2 hours, cut the wall, cut the pipes, cleaned out everything over 10 times, finding nothing. I proved to him by using a huge can, that when the rinse water comes out that it's crazy-fast. I called Speed Queen and they said "it's a commercial washer, but any household pipes should be able to handle it". Now it's up for sale so I can buy a cheapest GE that has less powerful pump. This house is 30 years old and we personally had 2 other washers in this house with no problem.

Has anyone out there had any problem like this with the Speed Queen and what did you do? Thank you.

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