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Help! Creative ideas to fill space between pony wall and ceiling?

Twizzle Biscuit
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

We are closing on a house that has a pony wall in master bedroom right next to stairs. A lot of money is going towards the house and one thing I hate about it is the lofty pony wall. However, I don't know what it would cost and I don't think it'll fit in our budget. I would rather not make the pony wall into a regular wall and add a door, but will if I have to. It would just make the room smaller anyway. It's a big deal to close the space due to the assumption our inlaws will be staying with us a lot. If I could keep the original construction but use a creative way to add a temporary way to fill the gap when we have company, such as using a moveable partition, book case, shutters, etc. I just haven't found anything like it that would allow me to have an on demand private bedroom or loft as needed. All pictures I find are just of people building pony walls. I was also thinking of knocking down the pony wall and adding some flooring above the staircase to make more space however I don't think it would be much. Please send some creativity my way!

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