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Crack in wonky undermount bathroom sink

Tanya Keene
2 years ago

I noticed a 4 inch crack in my 2 year old undermount bathroom sink. I called the people who installed the marble and the sinks to discuss how the crack could have happened and a possible fix. She insisted that I had dropped something in it to crack it, that sinks did not crack for no reason. Then she gave me a very expensive price for someone to come out to look at it and put in a new sink. So I looked at the sink to investigate further, since I have not dropped anything in it and wanted to see if I could just patch it. That's when I noticed that the front of the sink is up against the countertop, and the the back of the sink where the faucet is, has a gap between the sink and countertop. Underneath, I found that the front clips are fine and tight, but one back clip is loose and sideways and the other one wasn't even on the sink and can spin freely. This is why there is a gap. The other sister sink on the counter is fine and installed straight. So my question is 1: can this lopsidedness have caused stress over time to cause a crack, and 2: is this sink at risk of dropping because of the clip issue.

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