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So I have until Friday to approve the template. It's supposedly laid

4 years ago

on top of my actual slabs...

I paid $250 for this luxury before they cut the stone [my last fabricator did not charge me and hindsight should have stuck with them but these folks were in the town I'm building and 'so nice'....good reviews and price...].

Not sure what I am even looking at. No cutouts for sinks cooktop shown. And the 2 slabs on sink wall [where the seam is] don't seem to match ?

What can I do at this point to make sure it's the best it can be. It is brushed Nero Orion. I will have a Kraus undermount on sink wall and a prep one in island.

I'll also put a layout of kitchen.

They also told me they don't do flush mount but will do a reveal. Anything I should specify there? Thanks.



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