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Kitchen cabinet recommendations gloss color? quick ship?

suz w
3 years ago

Hi remodeling kitchen & installing new cabinets. I originally purchased Ikea sektion..& have not started installation though they were out of some of the cabinet selection I wanted... So I'm waiting for a 24" deep, 15" wide base cabinet, and I purchased a 30" wide sink base, though I really need a 33" or 36". and...

during renovation we discovered that there was an original oak floor under the old kitchen & are restoring it instead of doing floor tile.. this floor does not go well with the doors we purchased..

I have a bright, mexican style color scheme in the rest of house. and want to continue this in kitchen with glossy colored doors.. crayon box/ multiple colors. Ikea only offers a small selection of color kitchen doors (mostly white, few dark blue, stainless steel, white glass & white gloss)

So ideally I would like to purchase doors and drawer fronts for the Ikea cabinets I have in glossy colors... along with 2 base cabinets.. I also would like glass upper cabinet doors, or glass/aluminum..

Suggestions for a reliable (and hopefully quick) place to shop.. I'm in AZ. Suggestions?