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RTA cabinets that can be designed and ordered online

4 years ago

We were supposed to start our kitchen remodel in 2 weeks. We made arrangements to be out of the house for the first 3 weeks so we didn’t have to be home for the worst of the demo and dust. This plan was based on getting IKEA cabinets. We have the design, the shopping list etc. but their supply chain is backed up and we can’t even find out until July 20th when they will be available again.

So, now I’m trying to figure out a backup plan that could have the cabinets at our house in about 4 weeks.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a cabinet company - probably RTA that is similar price to Ikea ($5500) for our small/medium kitchen and that does an online design service?

If you have a different suggestion that would still meet the criteria I would be interested to hear that as well.

There is a local cabinet company that would work, but their product feels cheap. While I am trying to keep budget and time in mind, I want to make sure the quality will last at least 20 years.

i know ikea will because that’s my current kitchen and it made it to 20.

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