Garrison Colonial Exterior Help - Windows/Siding

S Zelli
last year

Hey everyone! I am looking for some advice. We had a major storm that did some damage to our gutters and very old aluminum siding. We also have 50+ yo windows that desperately need to be replaced as well so we are going to do a windows and siding replacement. We live in a 1950's neighborhood that has mostly garrison colonials and smaller cape cods. There have been additions done that have modernized some of the houses but for the most part everything looks the same. We want to jazz up our house a bit without being too trendy. Eventually we plan to do the front porch because I really dislike the overhang but that is not in the budget at the moment. We may opt to do a portico update in the interim but that is still TBD and depends on what our other costs work out to be.

My primary dilemma is that I can't decide between black windows or not. We are looking at a medium to dark blue-gray siding color like Harbor Blue from Alside for example. Or possibly a sage green like Coastal Sage. We are told we have about 5 more years left on the roof so even though it is on the drab and old side we are going to wait until we need to replace it. As of now I have no intention of replacing the shutters and plan to go with a thicker white trim around the windows at least as much as I can with the limited room due to their placement. I feel like the easy safe option is to just get white windows but I really love the idea of the black on black windows to go with our black doors. I am worried it just doesn't work with our house style and our square-ish windows.

I am embarrassed to share it but pic below. Please ignore the terrible landscaping. We just had our sewer line replaced and they messed up our already pathetic flower beds. Any advice on our current project or recommended future updates? Should we look into resizing any of our windows?

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