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Help please re: Faucet location both sinks/ R/O faucet/ Air Switch

Trish Walter
2 years ago

so the granite fabricator is telling me I have to tell them exactly where I want these items before we have the where i can see template laid out on granite and seams and holes etc. before they cut.

Any rules of thumbs on where air switch is in relation to the faucet?

I have the main sink with an air switch [that's where i'll wash dishes]. It has a Delta Trinsic faucet with no soap dispenser [I decided I didn't want because the one we have now is so annoying...might regret this but can always add maybe? ]....

The prep sink is delta trinsic prep sink. I have the R/O faucet going here also [it's small]. Want to maximize use of the it's only 4x7. Any ideas for putting faucets off center or on side? or should I go standard? The coffee station will be near this sink so the R/O faucet would be good for filling.

Sinks are Kraus 32 and Kraus 17

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