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Help picking colors for furniture, any other design ideas welcome

3 years ago

I'm moving to this apartment with beige walls, beige carpet, and beige celing. (Sigh, I know...) It's not a great space (off campus college apartment), but I feel like I can definitely work with it. I was thinking about a grey couch and some plants to start breaking up the beige, and incorporating mirrors to further brighten up the room. Also a rug to cover up that carpet (which will be cleaned), although I'm not sure which color to go with for that. I also thought about white sheer curtains for letting light in, but not sure about what blackout/opaque curtain color to use on the double rail. That wooden table and cupboard are staying, so I'm not sure if they can be worked into a design or if I should get rid of them and put something else in that space. I'm adding a few photos, all the stuff in the room is the current tenant's moving out process. Had to blur out some stuff on the wall. I'd appreciate any ideas/pointers/tips, thanks!

P.S. The beige color is closer to greige in real life, don't know why it looks so yellow in the pictures.

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