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What’s wrong with my aloe plant? Please help

Yana Rzayeva
2 years ago

I‘ve had this aloe for a year, maybe a bit more. I bought it from a supermarket, and kept it in its original nursery pot indoors, not near a window, just wherever and didn’t water it too often, maybe once in two weeks. It was small when I bought it, and it grew just fine, and it looked great! Didn’t seem to have problems, except was getting to be too big for the pot. So about a week ago I repotted it, into this pot in the picture. Brand new pot with a drainage hole in the middle. I noticed the roots were very small, but I figured it was probably because the pot was too small for the roots to grow??I got rid of the old soil, and put it in a succulent soil mix I bought for it. I havent watered it yet, since it’s been in the new pot. But I’m noticing the color is getting lighter, turning kind of pinkish too towards the stem, and a couple of the leaves started to bend and wouldn’t stay upright, so I cut those off. one of the leaves has a brown spot (last photo) but it’s not bending, so I left it be.

I’ve been reading that it could be that it needs more sun, so I’ve been putting it by a window with sunlight, but I don’t get much sunlight in the house, so the last couple days I brought it outside into sunny shade. Is all of this normal? Is it just adjusting to new pot or is it dying? Am I doing something wrong? I really don’t want it to die, so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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