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Siding for Split-Level PNW Mid-Century Modern Home

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

We need a little help figuring out the best layout for our 4' x 8' James Hardie panels, installed lengthwise on our 1961 split level home. We would like to add cedar accents but plan to keep our new white windows (unlike the popular Black windows seen and lots of new modern remodels). Here are the 2 options that we're considering:

1. Cedar where it counts: We love the new look the family gave this 60s Mid-Century Modern home in California. We think it has a lot of similarities to our home and are thinking the large length-wise hardie panels mixed with some cedar accents will give it a really nice look. The "front" of our house is really the back of our house, but we think we'd give it a similar treatment to what you see here.

Antigua Residence · More Info

2. Simple and clean: We would again go with large panel hardie lengthwise, but in this case would just go for a more sleak look with no wood accents. We like this house as an examples of the look we would be going for with this option.

eichler in marinwood · More Info

Current pictures of our home:



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