Front door refresh/Need advice, please

We're updating the front of our house and I'm struggling with finishes and colors. We are painting our wood door navy or black (opinions, please) and ordered a new full view storm door in the same color as our trim. I have ordered a Moravian star light fixture, pictured, which has a bronze frame that is expected to age over time, and a set of new house numbers in a silver natural metal tone, pictured. which will go on stucco by the left-hand column (above where you see the flower pot in the photo). Here's where the fun begins: my front door has a very old/worn/antiqued looking handle and the lock is older brass. The handle is pretty darn cool because it's so aged, so it would be nice to leave it, but I want to replace the door knocker. I have my eye on the one pictured from Pottery Barn. My gut was to go with the vintage pewter which would be cool with the new house numbers and then tie it together with the mailbox pictured. BUT ... I think this door knocker will clash with the door handle and lock. It also comes in rubbed bronze, pictured, but I'm worried that will fight with the house numbers I've already ordered. And adding to all of this, I'm not sure the oil rubbed bronze will show up on a black or navy door. So I guess my questions are about how to match colors of metals and what needs to match so it doesn't all look just thrown together. Do I get new door hardware and if so, would nickel match the pewter of the door knocker, as I haven't seen pewter door hardware anywhere? BTW, our home is 100 years old. We're getting the capping touched up in the front of the house with a coat of paint, new cement put in with random flagstone throughout it, and sprucing up the patio you can gl

to the right in the photo with new furniture/cushions and I hope to find some fun pieces for the approach as well, such as a bench, etc. THANKS!

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