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Ranch House or MCM? Facade needs help to improve curb appeal

2 years ago

We have a SoCal 1970s single story house with what I think is called a skillion/shed roof over the garage, dining room, and kitchen; and a gabled roof over the bedrooms and most of the living room. The house also has board and batten siding with bricks around the base and on part of the facade. I think the house has no curb appeal at all, but we bought it because it's in a great neighborhood for kids. We really want to improve the facade, but don't know where to begin. I've done lots of research, but I still don't even know if our house is a ranch or a midcentury modern house because of the skillion roof. It seems like a weird combination of style elements to me. And I personally think it's just ugly.

I would love any suggestions regarding how to improve the facade. We won't change the roof line or roof color (new roof and solar two years ago), but would consider painting the house, painting the bricks, pulling down the battens and stuccoing, removing/replacing the column attached to the exposed rafter tails, moving/adding window(s) to the gabled side (two bedrooms are behind that wall), adding shutters, etc. I'd love to figure out some way to visually attach the two "cleaved" halves of the house. (It looks like it was cut in half when looking at it from street level; this photo is elevated.) Others with our floorplan and roof line have cut off the exposed rafter tails, but I don't think that alone helps much. I'd like to have a new paint scheme that adds interest (accents and maybe multiple colors for the base). You don't really see our front door from the street, which doesn't help. We will definitely replace our ancient garage door, but the design we choose will be dependent on how we change the facade. We want to work with experts to nail down the design, but want to at least educate ourselves on what options might look good. New landscaping will be next after the house is done.

Also, how would you describe our house? L shaped ranch? U shaped ranch? Why the skillion roof with a ranch style? Thanks for any help or advice you can offer!

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