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Help! Need ideas/tips on front yard landscaping and entry area

2 years ago

Hi! We have a massive magnolia tree that costs too much to remove and it is a beautiful tree but its roots are so large and the grass wont grow in that area because of it; it's hard to plant flowers/shrubs in that area because some of the roots are above ground. We usually have our boat in our driveway so no one really parks there, we typically have to park in our yard which I'm hoping to eventually put in a rock driveway since grass wont grow where we park obviously, so you have to walk through the grass to get to the front door. We have 3 stepping stones to our entry way up to our front door and right now I have it mulched and bricked off but it looks tacky, sad, and boring. I'm not sure how to brighten it up with plants and what to use to border off that area because the grass won't grow. I need to have rocks or mulch there because we track in copious amounts of dirt without it. Theres an area behind the magnolia tree and right next to the mulch area that grass wont grow and I don't know what to do there either. I had it mulched off in a huge square but it looked like too much mulch area and looked really awkward. There's also patches of grass in our yard that are dead/not growing because of weed killer that I used but some areas are starting to grow back. We live in North east Florida and our yard gets semi-sunlight but the magnolia tree keeps it kind of shaded in that area. I just want it to look nice and bright and pretty and want it to last without having to re-do it every other month and I want to try to prevent so much dirt from tracking in the house. I would also love for it all to be very affordable (we are newly weds). Thanks for the help :)

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