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Need Help Choosing a Range Hood Brand/Style (Zephyr, XO, Elica, ZLine)

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Now that my part of Pennsylvania will be moving to the green phase next week, I anticipate our kitchen renovation that started in January will resume and be finished pretty quickly. I need to order a range hood for my Bosch 36" induction cooktop.

I plan on ordering a 42" stainless steel model as wood is out of our price range right now. And I am looking for a lower profile model.

Here are the brands and models am I considering:

Zephyr Siena Pro (600cfm, $1200)

XO XOV42S (700, $1250)

XO XOJ425 (700 cfm, $1250)

Elica Leone (1200 cfm, $1200)

Zephyr Arc Layers (600cfm, $2500)

Wolf VI42B (600 cfm, about $2100, also 45" wide)

Zephyr Venezia

ZLine: I haven't read many positive comments about them.

Vent-a-Hood: good reviews but out of our budget

Elica: know little about this brand

XO: know little about this brand

Zephyr: reading some good reviews but there is limited information

What experience do you have with these brands? I am not finding the amount of information I would like to be comfortable choosing a brand.

Would a 45" hood be too wide?

Also, here are a few photos of the wall where the hood will go, What are your thoughts?

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