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Rapportd & ID'ing the Requestor/App/Site

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

About once a week or so, Norton Security gives me a dialog box (tried to paste below but didn't work) saying that "the computer is attempting to access rapportd on my computer. I have read up on rapportd and that dialog box, but I don't know what "computer" is. If it's a site or app that I need, fine. But I certainly, of course, don't want any irregular access to my computer.

When I click "Details", it shows Macintosh HD>usr>libexe>rapportd

In general, would you click "Allow" or "Block" if you didn't know the site name? My tendency would be to deny, but am looking for input. Any idea how to find out what computer is? It's not me.

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