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Finally done - 1940s Kitchen Remodel

3 years ago

We are finally done with our kitchen/laundry remodel! Five years ago I posted here asking for advice on updating the layout of our small 1940 era home:

I hoped to update the layout and functionality of the kitchen while retaining some of the 1940s charm of the house. It was a long road getting here but I am happy with how it turned out.

Before pictures:

Old kitchen as viewed from the breakfast nook.

Old dining room view- see kitchen through the doorway. The kitchen pantry was located behind the built-in cabinet.

As part of the remodel we ended up opening up the pantry/built in cabinet so that traffic from the garage/laundry doesn’t have to go through the kitchen. We also removed the wall separating the kitchen from the breakfast nook and extended the countertop run into the nook. Two large pantry/utility cabinets were added in the laundry room since we lost the old hallway pantry.

New kitchen pics, same vantage point as the old:

The tile has a little bit of blue in it that is hard to see in the pictures. We also had the dining room hardwood refinished.

I still need to find a small table and couple of chairs to put in the breakfast nook, and add some decor to the walls and shelves, but that will be the easy part!

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