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Help me Transition wood to tile like so...and base board...

Trish Walter
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

1) Transition wood to tile

Engineered wood is 1/2 inch.

we are doing felt underlayment and floating it.

Tile is normal tile size [lol no idea]. and thinking of doing schulter ditra [having the tile installed but buying supplies; hubby is installing wood he's experienced].

our wood is 7.5 inches wide.

random questions

does there need to be grout where tile butts against the wood? doesn't look like it in the pic but hard to tell.

thoughts? tips? etc.

2)Trim guy put baseboard in already [despite me saying baseboards should go after flooring]...hubby is hoping not to have to pull it up but I don't want shoe molding just hoping we are keeping everything thin enough to achieve without compromising project]. Thoughts? Thanks.

Hubby is laying wood this week and then tile guy will do floors that need tile [2 bathrooms and a laundry].


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