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Anyone familiar with Strato Quartz?

Tia S
2 years ago

Hey guys,

I’m currently in the middle of a kitchen Reno on a budget. It’s almost finished. Tomorrow, floor and decor will come to do the measurements for the countertop. I wanted to go with a local stone yard here, however, they’re backed up until the middle of July and won’t be able to bring the stone until August. Just wanted to say that for the ppl that will suggest I go local.

So, I went to the local F&D and selected Stratos Quartz. For some reason tonight, I wanted to google the pros and cons. I wanted to read other’s opinion on this countertop. I think it’s $89 sf so I really want the reviews to see what ppl think. I can’t find any! If you have some, please share.

While searching for reviews, I found a few websites stating Stratos was a beautiful MARBLE! I do not need marble. I have a family of boys. I told the designer this at the store. She assured me this was a durable stone. I tried to call tonight but they’re closed already. Stratos is not listed as quartzite but quartz, however, in this description (follow the link) it states it’s a classic marble. I found this numerous of places but the name is Quartz. Should I run??

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