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Super small main bathroom - creative ideas needed!

Madison Berry
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

My housemates and I are moving into a sweet farmhouse soon. It's a great spot for us, but with four total -- a married couple, including a 6ft man, and two others -- we will always have issues with the bathroom setup. But this one is a real challenge!

All four bedrooms are on the top floor of this colonial, with one bathroom. It's TINY. On one side is the bigger bedroom, on the other is a small guest bedroom -- the latter has less than a foot of wall space before a window.

The front of it butts up against the chimney. And then the roofline slopes over the tub. The door is a sliding pocket door.

A pano of the top floor -- poor lighting, sorry, but the bathroom is the black void at the center, guest room to the right of it.

And here's the guestroom next to it, photographed from the door. The corner hits basically just to the left of this photo.

Finally, the master bedroom on the countertop side of the bathroom. The white square is plumbing access.

We'd like to be able to stand up in the shower, as well as fit two sinks, if we can. The downstairs bath has a shower but no tub, so a tub here would be reaaaaally idea. We have some cash to renovate when we close.

What would be your plan?

Thoughts we've had:

- Dormer over the bathtub and install a tiled shower and taller tub

- Flip the shower/tub 180° and somehow make that work. Most sloped ceiling bathrooms have the shower facing into the slope, so there's space that is full-height.

- Cut into the master bedroom on the counter side to get more square footage and still flip the tub.

- Cut into guest room on the wall side, and move the tub/shower into the "L" nook this creates. This would require moving the window on the guest room, or eating up a solid 4 feet of the room.

Always looking for creative ideas and inspiration!

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