Who makes the better quality sofa/sectionals?

Aaron Mullen
last year

Hi everyone,

I am in a dilemma. I have been researching a ton on furniture brands recently, trying to figure out what one I should invest my money into. I am willing to put a good amount of money into something as long as I know it will last me years, but that's where the lines get blurred... I have looked at a decent amount of places in person and seen a lot of stuff online but when It comes to reviews on the companies, they are always very mixed. I have read that kiln-dried hardwood frames last long and that polyester fabric might have the longest lifespan against double rubs/pilling. I also found out how important the springs inside the sofa are and how if the back cushions aren't blown into pocketed sections, it can lead to the cushions becoming lumpy and deformed. I am trying to find a company that provides all of these features in their furniture, while trying to keep the cost as low as I can. I can list a few places below that I have heard of and I will also put a couple examples of the type of sofa that I am looking for. Please let me know what you think of these companies and also, if you know any other companies that I should look into.



Companies I've found:


Crate and Barrel


Maiden Home


England (uses plywood frame, not a fan)

Examples of style:

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