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Paul Barden’s Whetstone Garden

Karen Jurgensen
2 years ago

Hello all,

Im not on the forums much, since I’m working full time at a local nursery, and mothering my three lovely daughters. However, I wanted to pop in and share that Paul’s generous gift to me of a few canes of his rose Whetstone Garden are now in bloom in my dedicated Barden Bed here in MN zone 4b. What a beauty this rose is. The most lovely shell pink, like the inside of a lady’s ear, or a finely carved cameo. The scent is very intriguing to me. I had to sniff five or six times to figure out what it reminded me of. Perhaps the most expensive lady’s face powder, delicate but lovely. The scent is strong but not at all heavy or overwhelming, rather mysterious and enticing. The bush itself has been an absolute trooper here in MN 4b. It is overwintering with few problems, and growing well in my short season. Leaves stay healthy, no mildew at all and little black spot. The japanese beetles and sawfly larvae in the area aren’t particularly interested in the leaves. I knew as soon as I saw Paul’s photos on helpmefind that this was a rose I was going to love. I was absolutely correct.

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