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My Chromebook's sudden demise

3 years ago

My Dell Inspiron Chromebook 3181 appears to have died. I bought it on a Black Friday deal in 2018. I use it for part of most days, but 1.5 years seems like an awfully short lifespan.

I assume the battery--or maybe the battery charger--is the problem. The battery has been great about holding a charge, and I don't normally let it get very low. But yesterday it wouldn't turn on. It displayed an orange icon with an exclamation point in it in the center of the screen. I figured it must represent a battery, so I charged it and it was fine. It was okay this morning too, but turned itself off later and won't start again. I tried charging it, but nothing changed.

Surely the battery life should be longer than 1.5 years too. According to Dell's website, the warranty expired in January.

Is there a way to test the battery charger? When I plug it into the Chromebook the LED lights up white, which according to Dell means the battery is critically low. Would you say this indicates the charger is working okay?


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