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MSI quartz quality- really bad??

3 years ago

Hi me again with the horribly spotted Calacatta Trevi quartz from MSI.

Well their rep came out and said what happened to our counters with the streaks, fingerprints, etc was "not normal" and was submitting a claim to get them replaced. I don't know if we happened to get really bad slabs or if this is just their general quality. I'm really scared to buy their quartz again.

Has anyone had a good experience with their quartz? Is there a color from MSI that is of higher quality? I wish we could just get a refund and go elsewhere, but I doubt that is on the table. Our good friends have Cararra by Vicostone and say they are indestructible & they have none of the problems we have. Is MSI Cararra the same thing as this Vicostone?

If our only choice is replacement from MSI, I just want a high quality stone from them. Any suggestions on which quartz from MSI is the best?

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