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Planning kitchen update

3 years ago

I renovated a kitchen about 7 years ago with much help from this community, and am I figured I'd do well to come back for some more help now. I have been living here for about a year and a half, and the finding the layout works pretty well for me. I could some more storage, but I am limited by the size of this kitchen. It was difficult to downsize from my last kitchen (reveal to my last kitchen), but this house is a lot easier to take care of! ;)

When I got the house, the only refrigeration was two undercounter fridges, and one of them swiftly conked out. I have already invested in a new tall, skinny Liebherr fridge that you will see in the pics, where there used to be a chest freezer.

The cabinets are Ikea Akurum, and still function incredibly well given their age. The doors have seen better days though, and are pocking in some spots and peeling in others. The range top and oven also work great, but I don't know how long I can keep saying that given they are 15-20 years old. There is a nice undermount sink, but it is considerably smaller than the sink cabinet. I have thought of replacing with a larger sink, but then the sink wouldn't be centered under the window. I think the only reason I want a larger sink is because I don't have a dishwasher.

Which brings me to my next thought. I am thinking of putting a dishwasher and a steam washer/dryer in the two openings where the undercounter fridges used to be. What do you think? Currently my washer and dryer are in a dingy basement with low ceilings, and having them upstairs would be a huge quality of life improvement for me. But reviews on these washer/dryer combo units are mixed, and they are very expensive. I have also thought of using these spaces for a separate undercounter washer and dryer (more expensive than the combined one since the good undercounter ones are spendy), but then I lose my chance for the dishwasher.

I have thought of ripping everything out and starting over, but in reality I may only live in this house 5-10 years or maybe less, and probably wouldn't recoup my investment much at all on that since I paid a premium for this house (amazing gardens downtown and very pretty woodwork throughout. I am leaning toward replacing the doors on the bottom cabinets with Semihandmade Shaker doors in Agave (a light blue: Agave doors) and the uppers on the window side of the kitchen with the same doors but with glass front. The uppers on the stove, I am really not sure what I want. I am leaning toward having a custom cabinet built in a a wood tone to match wood in the rest of the house (a little lighter actually), with inset doors. I might want t go all the way up to the 8.8' foot ceiling, but I also might want to keep the cabinet height around the level of trim above the door openings, which is a sight light that is carried throughout window and door trim on the first floor. I am thinking I want this cabinet to look more like built-in furniture typical of an old home than a stock cabinet.

The counters are a white corian, and they are in great condition. I am strongly considering keeping them. There is a built in small table across from the fridge, also made of the white corian. That I would like to have removed, and replace with a freestanding bistro table or just a comfy chair since I have another dining space. I really want to get away from the stark modern look the kitchen has now.

Tile? I'm not sure if i want it...but I think it could be a way to make the space much more special.

I have been thinking about this for a while, so thanks for reading this far if you've made it here. Any thoughts are much appreciated. I am attaching pictures of the current space and some of the surrounding space to give you a sense of the overall look of the home.

I normally have tons of kilim rugs down, but I am housebreaking a puppy so they are all safely stowed away at the moment. :)

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