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Where should hand towels go with this layout?

Michele N.
3 years ago

We're finalizing our design and I realized that there's no wall space to hang hand towels. I really don't want to hang a hand towel by the toilet (to the right of the vanity), and there is a built-in bench to the left (there is a stairwell underneath, so a bench covers that up). The two towers on the vanity are paneled in the cabinet material (sapele wood), they are necessary- the left tower hides a furnace flue pipe and the right tower balances it out with storage. There really isn't room for a towel stand on the counter. The only options for hanging hand towels that I can see are:

  1. hang rings on the wall to either side of the vanity (1 between vanity & the toilet, and the other over the bench
  2. hang towels from the cabinet hardware (Top Knobs Exeter pull in "umbrio" color, photo below)
  3. mount towel rings to the outside of each tower (I'd hate to mess this up and ruin the beautiful cabinetry)

Anyone have any suggestions?

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