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HELP choosing family room wall color and whole house color palette

3 years ago

We're in the process of choosing paint colors for our midcentury ranch forever house. I think I have a pretty good idea of what I'd like but I could use some input/suggestions. Sorry for the long post but I feel like the more details the more helpful the responses will be. Our first priorities are the trim and ceilings throughout the house, master bedroom, and family room.

This is the color palette I'm leaning towards. I'm fairly certain on BM Swiss coffee for the trim and ceilings (bottom right). We will most likely be using the center sagey green (BM Aberdeen Green) for the master bedroom (if not it will be a similar color), and I would like to use the Prussian blue for either the living room or as an accent wall in the dining room. My current dilemma is the family room wall color. It is a smallish (about 10x12) west and south facing converted patio with a massive brick fireplace, located in between our kitchen/dining room and master bedroom. The walls are painted brick and wood panelling, currently a sort of anemic mustard color.

I would really like to paint it a sort of terra cotta color like the pictured BM peruvian chili, but I'm worried it would be too dark in the space. I am going for cozy, not claustrophobic. I'm also worried it would make a jarring transition into the cool sage of the master bedroom. The alternative that i've thought of would be a creamy color, but i've swatched several and I haven't found any that I like that look good with the trim color.

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