Electric Tankless Water Heater for Outdoor Shower?

Matt D
last year

Hello all. I am installing an outdoor shower at my mountain property in California. There is no gas service available and I don't want to deal with needing to fill a tank. This shower will not get a lot of use and for space and other reasons I don't really want a tank. I've started looking at electric tankless/on-demand water heaters. Opinions are all over the map but the consensus seems to be that they're not great except for very limited point-of-use purposes, which is exactly what I'm doing. We're talking about 1 shower here, maybe a sink, but they won't be used at the same time. The biggest concern seems to be the amount of electricity needed and although that is a concern, for the moment we have very little power demands and 200 amp service. I've read good things about the Ecosmart units, and am looking at the 18 and 27 versions. The 18 looks better on paper due to its lower power needs and lower cost, but the 27 looks better in terms of GPM at lower water temps. (Our water comes from a 200 ft well, so it's pretty chilly.) Any thoughts on this topic will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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