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Begonia maculata removing damaged leaves

Ciara Fox
3 years ago

Hi! I have a Begonia maculata. It is very healthy overall and has lived "wild" happily outdoors at my moms under a shaded porch all summer. She didn't "care" for it as I would have and there were a few chewing insect issues that got to a few leaves but all is well now. I was away for the summer so it was better than leaving her to die at my place. You can see there is new growth coming out of 2 of the 3 shoots.

Going into winter here in Australia (Sydney) and I have brought her inside to protect from the harsher cold weather coming. I will be buying a humidifier for this "plant" room to make sure she and others stay healthy through the dry winter (I have a few Calatheas as well that will require higher humidity).

My B. maculata has gotten some additional leaf damage transporting her back to my place in Sydney. She probably has about 20-25 leaves total and about 3ish are damaged. I'm really tempted to remove them as the other leaves look amazing on the plant.

Anyway, my question is this, if I remove a leaf will a new one grow in it's place? I did a little research and from an illustration I was able to see that the node above the leaf(s) I want to cut off there is a "bud on the node" (as shown below). This should grow into a new leaf right? The leaves without this bud have the "scar" left from the bloom petiole and those won't grow a new leaf right?

My long term plan is to let her grow wild over the winter and come spring propagate from one of the three long shoots she has. I figured it might be best to leave propagation until then but maybe I should leave the leaf situation too? If there is a better chance of a "replacement" leaf happening during growing season I'm willing to wait.

Thanks for any info!

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