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Average cost for leveling a cement subfloor, or any advice?

2 years ago

We are renovating a condo built around 1950, and are planning to replace old carpet with luxury vinyl plank flooring. When the carpet was removed, we discovered that the concrete subfloor had significant leftover mortar from a previous tile floor installation, as well as some chipped out areas. The attached photos aren't great but give some idea of the subfloor condition. There are at least some areas with almost 1/2'' between the low and high spots.

Understanding the the costs will vary depending on the actual condition of the floor, and the location, what would the average cost be for leveling the subfloor? It is approximately 400-450 sq ft. We are also interested in whether this could be done with something like LevelQuik. We have also gotten a recommendation to use Eco Cork Foam underlayment, but some quick research suggests the floors need to be relatively level before using the underlayment, and that it would not be appropriate with the LVP which already have an attached underlayment.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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