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open shelving and fridge cabinet

Alice Edwards
3 years ago

Hey you guys!!! You know that i love to get feedback especially ‘before’ not after i make mistakes. These are three pics from left to right of the back kitchen wall, south side of house. Can you please help me with adding open shelving across and over and above fridge?with open shelving over fridge stretching the whole way. We can build a cabinet around fridge, doors will still open all the way to remove veggie drawers at bottom to clean (doesn’t look like it but i tested first) there will be five inches from wall, 2” for frame down left side then 2-3 inch gap. I would like to extend top shelf on right all the way to left, but stop and start above window then continue to left wall above fridge. I am also thinking of right side of fridge for shelving for my orchids with narrow base cabinet below on right side of fridge matching left stove cabinet. I am also attaching inspiration pics, but bits and pieces of each for my ideas. Any thoughts, as usual, appreciated. Previous posts i have made were for my tile behind stove, but want to hold off on that bc i would like to tie this whole wall together a bit better then look at tile placement. I would like to get orchids off of tea table but they do so well at this window. If i put shelves there, i can get more :) and not a cabinet above fridge, just open shelves probably all white window and door trim.

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