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First daylily and some other flowers

Hemerocallis dumortieri finally made its appearance today. One little flower opened. The plant has only two buds. It's a nice clump but has only one scape. I think it needs to be moved.

There are other flowers blooming in the garden though. This is an unnamed hibiscus variety. It's is probably a Hibiscus schizopetalus hybrid. This is one of my favorite hibiscus. It's not large and showy like many of the modern hybrids, but is so bright and delicate.

This is honeysuckle called Scentsation, quite fragrant.

Here is the miniature daylily bed. The rose on the trellis is a hybrid from Mr. Bluebird that we grew from seed. I love the dianthus planted among the daylilies.

This is Rose de Rescht, usally considered a Portland or a Damask rose. It is extremely fragrant and does rebloom.

This is a once-blooming rose we collected along the road.

Scapes are beginning to appear all over the garden. It's beginning to get exciting.


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