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Best 4 bedroom floor plan under 3,000 square feet? Really struggling.

Ceri Steele
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

We are trying to find a floorplan with a generous living room and kitchen (don't care if the rooms are small) under 3,000 square feet. Any leads? My eyes are burning from looking online.

3 bedroom upstairs with two bathrooms, master down, at least a 16 x 20 living room (either direction), pantry needed in kitchen, back porch (covered or not), no basement, lot is an acre but the smaller the footing the cheaper the build, hence the two story request.

There are a lot that work but just looking at pictures of floor plans doesn't give a great idea and many don't have client photos attached. Has anyone built a floorplan they really love?

Four Gables by Mitchell Ginn looks promising with an added side garage as do


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