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Island countertop color ideas and bartop to peninsula?

4 years ago

Hi all,

We are currently in the middle of doing an unexpected partial kitchen renovation after discovering substantial water damage in the island in our new (to us) house. The style of the house is transitional.

This is what the island looked like before:

We originally had planned to just replace the sink cabinet (MDF, completely swollen/rotted inside) and ended up discovering a lot of mold and rotting wood behind it. We ended up demoing the entire island and replacing 2+ sheets of subfloor underneath.

Our original plan was to rebuild the island as-is as a cost-effective measure, while taking the opportunity to move the island back a foot (more space between island and range location), replacing the vinyl flooring with wood-look porcelain tile, changing faucet fixtures and converting to a single basin sink.

Here is where we are today, all DIY so far. We plan on changing to more substantial metal plating around the pipes and putting fire retardant foam around the pipes.

After talking to a GC about the tiling portion, it was suggested that we also take the opportunity to covert the bar top to just a counter-level peninsula, which I do eventually want. Of course, this will require a new countertop... which brings me to my dilemma.

I'm ok with having a bit of a mismatched kitchen - in fact, I couldn't find an exact match to the existing cabinets, so this is what we have as a replacement which is "close enough" - the color of white is different due to ordering the cabinet sight unseen, but it's a base cabinet and we'll live.

But what do I do about the island countertop?

I always thought that the color of the granite and the edge profile was dated. I'm thinking about taking on the added expense of changing the countertop to one big piece (about 21 sq ft), BUT I don't necessarily want the additional expense of changing the remaining countertops.
I think I found the color of my existing granite - New Venetian Gold? - but not sure I'd want to re-purchase the same color. I've seen pics where island countertops are different colors that work well - what do you think doing the conversion and what colors do you think would work with the existing granite? Should I just wait and do countertops years down the line?

Closeup of current granite:

BTW, we haven't settled on the color tile yet (trying to figure out what will complement our red oak hardwood at the front of the house) and the wall paint can change since we don't want to attempt to match it - if nothing else, we'll find the closest 'named' color for either BM or SW.


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