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replace a downdraft gas cooktop with electric/induction or telescopic?

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Hi, All,

I want to replace my 30'' downdraft gas cooktop because it is pretty much useless and will suck the flame instead of the smoke/greasy when opened. I have come up with a few options but really need your advice.

1. The easiest project: replace it with a downdraft electric or induction cooktop. I assuming the downdraft won't weak the cooking power of the electric or induction cooktop. But I am not sure how much smoke/greasy it can handle. Any recommended models with a strong ventilator?

2. Replace with a telescopic downdraft + another cooktop. Telescopic downdraft should work better to capture the smoke/greasy, but I need to found another cooktop that can be fit in the 21'' wide island together with the telescopic downdraft. I saw some telescopic downdraft could provide 1500CFM when using an external blower with a 10'' duct. Not sure if I can install an external blower with my pre-existing 6'' duct.

3. Remove the light on top of the island and add a range hood. Our home is one story so we should able to get the duct work done on the roof but the range hood will leave us no place for light and make our small kitchen look even more crowded.

I appreciate any of your suggestions!

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