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Jan, Please Explain


My girlfriend just drug me through the Robb and Stuckey furniture store and I damn near overdosed on beige, white, and gray. Someone took a spray can of silver to a bunch of animals and objects and scattered them willy-nilly.. Someone else snuck some turquoise bed covers in, a nice touch, but just not enough to make up for all the blah.

At a popular resale shop we went from bad to worse. Nearly everything was a whitewashed "antique". The lighting shop was more of the same.

What on earth is going on here? Is this color and style aversion/dearth another pandemic or a local phenomenon? Obviously and unfortunately, it's permeating the countertop industry too.

I long for my gramma's long dark large floral print curtains and Art Deco sofa. Style and statement, please come home; you're sorely missed.

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