Full-length mirror in walk-in closet or ensuite?

last year

My partner and I are in the process of designing our home and we would very much appreciate your advice on how best to organize our walk-in closet and ensuite. I have included a rough draft of our current layout below. Specifically, I am wondering where this experienced group would choose to place a full length mirror if they had to choose between a wall in their ensuite and a wall in their walk-in closet? The reason I am asking in advance is because we are trying to decide what size of windows to put in the bathroom and whether or not we should add one to the walk-in closet, sacrificing closet space.

Option A: Full-length mirror in the ensuite with transom window above. Pros: Good lighting, does not impact closet organizational space. Cons: Farther from clothing, could be wet and steamy if someone else is showering at the same time.

Option B: Full-length mirror in the walk-in closet either directly on the wall underneath transom window or on cabinet with full window instead of transom. Pros: More convenient. Could put a bigger window in the bathroom to let in more natural light. Cons: Closet space will be lost because of the addition of a window. Additionally, lighting may still not be great in the closet even with the addition of a window as this side of the house is in close proximity to another house and north facing.

We are leaning towards Option B, but please let us know if you think the addition of a window in that room sacrifices too much closet space or any other concerns that you have about this layout. It is hard for us to know in advance if this is a reasonable amount of space because right now we live in a 600 sq ft apartment and any walk-in closet seems massive ;)

Thank you very much for your help.

Sidenote: We are removing the built in cabinet in the walk-in closet and decreasing the width to 7ft for other reasons.

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