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shutter color conundrum

Jeanette S
2 years ago

Our new build plan includes shutters on one window only and I can’t figure out what color to paint them. I’ve been searching online for inspiration pictures but I’m having trouble finding houses with only one set like ours. We’ve thought about removing them after the house is built (they have to be included in the build for permitting purposes) but it seems a little silly to build a new house with plans to immediately make changes to it. Thinking of painting the house a creamy color with white trim and a brighter color (TBD) on the front door. Thought about painting the shutters to match the stone on the front porch posts, but then we decided to lose the stone and go with simpler all-white posts. I’m attaching the front elevation (which shows the shutters) and a 3D rendering (which does not). Can anyone help me figure this out? Thanks!

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