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Two White House next to each other

3 years ago

We are currently building a house in a new neighborhood. When we began the process I made it clear with the Sales Manager that I want a White House, so if the neighbors on either side of me already chose white, then we would look at other lots. He said “no worries neither house will be white.” Well, my neighbors siding went up a few weeks ago and their house is also white 😣. To make it worse they also had chosen black shutters and front door. I’m fine with changing my shutters, front door and garage door colors but I’m having a really hard time changing my house color. The neighbors already said they don’t mind if our house is white, but I’m concerned that it would look silly having two White House’s next to each other. The two houses are completely different styles. What is your opinion? Any other color suggestions? Should I just stick with white? Here is an image of a model home of the house we will be building.

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